Easy forms with React Hooks

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Modern architecture

Formite it easy to use and was designed from the ground up to use the latest React best practices.

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Any UI framework

Formite can be used with any UI framework and comes with adapters for several UI frameworks out of the box.

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No magic IDs or Names

Formite does not depend on magic IDs or names on form elements. You can refactor your code without breaking your forms.

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Powered by Typescript

Formite is implemented with Typescript and can be used by plain Javascript or Typescript. It has full Intellisense support.

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No dependencies

Formite does not have any external dependecies and has a footprint of 9 KB minimized Javascript code.

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Backward compatible

Formite uses React Hooks for functional components and can also be used with older class components if needed.


  • Field and form validation
  • Synchronous and asynchronous validation and form submission
  • Dynamic forms and subforms
  • Tracks fields' touched state
  • Tracks form's isDirty state
  • No render props required
  • Local state - no global store necessary
  • Everything, without any extra lines of code

    const { canSubmit, fields, Form, isDirty } = useForm({ firstName: "", lastName: "" }, handleSubmit);
    return (
    <input type="text" placeholder="First name" {...useInput(fields.firstName)} />
    <input type="text" placeholder="Last name" {...useInput(fields.lastName)} />
    <button type="submit" disabled={!(canSubmit && isDirty)}>Save</button>

    Just add the form behavior to your component with React Hooks and you are ready to go...